Tyan's new S2722GNN

Trent Piepho xyzzy at speakeasy.org
Tue Nov 12 11:53:30 PST 2002

On Tue, 12 Nov 2002, Steve Gaudet wrote:
> > > My concern is the management for this motherboard and if 
> > you need this
> > > Zircon option.  I'm wondering if Tyan is using Zircon for 
> > management and not
> > > putting them into the BIOS.
> > 
> > The specs say it has the same two winbond monitoring chips 
> > that most of tyan's
> > other dual boards use.
> I've read that also.  However, now we're assuming that the support is in the
> BIOS.  And you know what happens when we assume.:-)  Been there before.

If you just want to do hardware monitoring, then I don't see why you care
about BIOS support.  lm_sensors talks to the hardware chips directly, not via
BIOS calls.  But maybe you're talking about that IPMI thing that I don't know
anything about?

> Bottom line looks like no one on this list has seen it.

I've been looking at it for a new cluster, but I haven't been able to find it
for sale before today.  Now pricewatch has a few places that claim to have
this board.  One vendor claims to have the S2722GNN (the version with gigabit
and no SCSI) for $329.  The supermicro P4DPL-iGM (w/ gbit w/o scsi) is claimed
to be availiable somewhere else for $369.84.

The tyan board has two 64bit PCI-X slots, one 32bit PCI slot, and 4 dimm slots
(max 8GB).  The board is standard ATX 12"x9.8" and can run from an ATX12V or a
EPS12V supply.  Tyan also has a 1U version with two angled dimm slots, but
they says it's "OEM only".  I don't see anything about the serial console that
the tyan dual-athlon boards have.

The supermicro board has three 64bit PCI-X and three 32bit PCI slots and six
DIMM slots (max 12GB).  It's an EATX 12"x13" form factor board and it looks
like it just supports ATX12V supplies, which are cheaper and more common than
EPS power supplies anyway.

What's the deal with 1U and 2U rackmount cases and EATX boards, will they fit? 
I suppose that could make all the difference one board for another.

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