Tyan's new S2722GNN

Steve Gaudet SGaudet at turbotekcomputer.com
Tue Nov 12 10:59:10 PST 2002


> > My concern is the management for this motherboard and if 
> you need this
> > Zircon option.  I'm wondering if Tyan is using Zircon for 
> management and not
> > putting them into the BIOS.
> The specs say it has the same two winbond monitoring chips 
> that most of tyan's
> other dual boards use.

I've read that also.  However, now we're assuming that the support is in the
BIOS.  And you know what happens when we assume.:-)  Been there before.
Bottom line looks like no one on this list has seen it.

So, looks like I need to order one and see first hand.  I'll also get over
to SuperMicro's web site and see what they have.

Thank you,

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