Dumb terminals

M A Suzen mehmet.suzen at bristol.ac.uk
Tue Nov 12 01:13:55 PST 2002

There are switches for this purpose.

--On 10 November 2002 6:46pm +0530 amit vyas <amitvyas_cse at hotmail.com> 

> the following problem may not related to beowulf directly but iguess i
> can get help here:  we are new to beowulf, there is a problem we are
> facing,
> we have 20 pc's with us and all are celeron with 64 MB of RAM but since
> we are going to use the CPU in the cluster we would be left by 20
> mointors,20 keyboard and 20 mouses , and all would be wasted can anyone
> plz help so as how to proceed to use them to build Dumb Terminals,we
> would be grateful for a little help.  thanks in advance.

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