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Jim Phillips jim at ks.uiuc.edu
Thu Nov 7 19:18:00 PST 2002


On Wed, 6 Nov 2002, Maurice Hilarius wrote:

> Also, the way some people throw around how "Athlons use a lot of power and
> make heat" or "Tyans use a lot of power" are simply propagating urban
> legends (a legend that Intel does everything it can to fuel).
> Fact: AMD design max power per CPU is around 45W
> Fact #2: Intel P4 at 2GHz has a design consumption peak of 76W. Of course
> getting the P4 to actually use that much is sometimes elusive as they speed
> step the moment you approach that.
> Very safe, if all you wanted as 1GHz CPUs!
> Fact #3: A XEON P4 2.2GHz eats up 87W of power.
> These have all been tested here, by the simple method of testing with a
> digital Ammeter, adding up the consumption on all lines, when the CPUs were
> at 99% while generating Distributed Net keys.

I don't really want to prolong this thread, but Tom's Hardware has a nice
graph of heat dissipation for Athlon CPUs here:


According to the chart, most Athlons burn 60-75W.


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