SMC 8624T 24-port 10/100/1000 switch

Bob Drzyzgula bob at
Wed Nov 6 15:36:45 PST 2002

On Wed, Nov 06, 2002 at 04:14:02PM -0500, Jean-Christophe Ducom wrote:
> Does anyone know if it supports jumbo frame too?

It appears to. From the "management guide",
available from SMC's website:

= jumbo frame
=   Use this command to enable jumbo frames through the switch. Use the
=   no form to disable jumbo frames.
= Syntax
=   jumbo frame
=   no jumbo frame
= Default Setting
=   Disabled
= Command Mode
=   Global Configuration
= Command Usage
=   . This switch provides more efficient throughput for large sequential
=   data transfers by supporting jumbo frames up to 9000 bytes. Compared
=   to standard Ethernet frames that run only up to 1.5 KB, using jumbo
=   frames significantly reduces the per-packet overhead required to
=   process protocol encapsulation fields.
=   . To use jumbo frames, both the source and destination end nodes (such
=   as a computer or server) must support this feature. Also, when the
=   connection is operating at full duplex, all switches in the network
=   between the two end nodes must be able to accept the extended frame
=   size. And for half-duplex connections, all devices in the collision
=   domain would need to support jumbo frames.
=   . Enabling jumbo frames will limit the maximum threshold for broadcast
=   storm control to 64 packets per second. (See the .broadcast. command
=   on page 3-75.)

> What's the difference w/ the Dell Powerconnect 5224?
> (

Someone else just mentioned that to me privately, I hadn't
seen it before. It looks to be very similar to the SMC
box, but it's hard to tell because Dell's website gives
you virtually no detail -- perhaps you can access the
manual if you're registered on their site or something.


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