SGE & bproc (was: Re: Clustermatic: smooth upgrade to new version)

Rayson Ho raysonlogin at
Wed Mar 27 20:20:21 PST 2002

Just curious, how well do SGE+Clustermatic scale??

I remember someone on this list asked for tips about running a batch
system on a beowulf, can you also tell us the experience (and cluster
setup) in your next email?? Also, any advantage using a batch system w/


> For some of you, this might be all you need and want on your cluster
> -
> just add opensource batch spooling:
> GridEngine beta2 can most likely work with things above just using
> bpsh in simple StarterMethod script (using one queue per node, for
> non-parallel jobs), I'll be back with details once I finish this...

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