Clustermatic: smooth upgrade to new version

hanzl at hanzl at
Wed Mar 27 08:52:34 PST 2002

I upgraded to new version of Clustermatic:

and everything worked smoothly.

(Clustermatic is BProc-based like Scyld distribution but uses latest
BProc and builds on RedHat 7.2. Clustermatic distro is much smaller
than Scyld distro but for me it contains all I need - slaves boot from
master, bpsh migrates jobs and 'ps -auxf' shows whole cluster.)

Upgrade is easy, just few notes to complement README:

- there are iso CD images but rpm upgrade from previous Clustermatic
  (or directly from RedHat7.2) is IMHO even easier:

  1) Go to:

  2) Get specific rpms (e.g. i686) where they exist (kernel, modules)
     (ignore zero length files if you see any)

  3) Get less specific rest from i386

  Select either SMP or non-SMP versions and simply put all rpm files
  to one directory. There is not many of them, it is easy to select by

  4) Upgrade your system according to README

There are just few minor things to watch out during step 4):

- if you want boot floppy, do this BEFORE you do rpm -Uvh:

 modprobe vfat
 modprobe loop
 modprobe msdos

to make sure you have these old modules while you need them last time.

- rpm -Uvh may warn you about 'config' and 'fstab' config files - you
probably want to merge old and new ones, at least you want to edit
kernel name in 'config'.

- there is slight ommision in README, command to create phase1 images is:

  beoboot -1 -k /boot/vmlinuz-2.4.18-lanl.16beoboot -f -o /dev/fd0

- if you use some old Scyld phase1 images, you will need to upgrade them

- you will probably want to run 'depmod', as README suggests

For some of you, this might be all you need and want on your cluster -
just add opensource batch spooling:

GridEngine beta2 can most likely work with things above just using
bpsh in simple StarterMethod script (using one queue per node, for
non-parallel jobs), I'll be back with details once I finish this...

Best Regards

Vaclav Hanzl

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