Tyan's Tiger MPX motherboard : review - link

Bob Drzyzgula bob at drzyzgula.org
Wed Mar 13 13:07:33 PST 2002

On Wed, Mar 13, 2002 at 03:09:44PM -0500, Robert G. Brown wrote:
> By experimenting (swapping and pulling cards) we determined that the
> reason it was locking was the video card on a 64/66 slot.  If the video
> card was in a 64/66 slot it would boot, sort of, but hang at random
> times.  The network card would lose huge numbers of packets (inferred by
> the delay and the fact that it eventually delivered corrupted
> information) until eventually the system hung.  In a 32/33 slot the
> system booted and installed fine and now is running happily.

How are the slots keyed on the MSI? On the Tyan, the 64/66 slots are
keyed for 3.3V operation, while the 32/33 slots are keyed for 5V
operation. If this is the case on the MSI as well, and you could
put the video card in either sort of slot, then it probably is supposed
to support either voltage. But perhaps it doesn't really, so that
it is flaky and causes hangs when operated at 3.3V?


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