Tiger MPX console redirection

David Adrian davida at aspsys.com
Tue Mar 12 15:00:12 PST 2002

         In the Tiger BIOS, go to the Advanced menu and scroll all the way 
down.  Select Console Redirection.  On the next screen, choose COM A or COM 
B.   By the way, version 1.01 of that BIOS came out a couple of days ago.

>>From: Abhishek sinha <aby_sinha at yahoo.com>
>Hi all,
>Just to fork off one more question on the tyan 2466 board; I was trying to 
>boot it without the video card.the website(tyan's) says that you would 
>need to enable the console redirect on the BIOS to actually get around 
>with it. I have a version 1 of the BIOS.But i cant find console redirect 
>option anywhere...
>any ideas....


         David Adrian
         Aspen Systems
         davida at aspsys.com

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