FYI: superlinear speedups in GROMACS (fwd)

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Fri Mar 8 18:53:38 PST 2002

Reread what I wrote. I said 1 GB of memory....


Jim Fraser wrote:
> Don't the XEON chips have a meg or two of cache?  I know they make some dual
> XEON's motherboards...maybe even quad's...have a ball!
> Also the P4's come 2X bigger L2 then the Xp's right?
> IMO, any problem that fits on cache is too small and can probably be on
> calculator.  CFD is for real men... ;-)  (just kidding)
> jim
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> Eugene Leitl wrote:
> >
> > On Fri, 8 Mar 2002, Dominic Wu wrote:
> >
> > > Would not a single CPU with a larger L2 cache solve the problem better
> then?
> >
> > Caches are very expensive due to chip yield reasons (bad die yield goes up
> > exponentially with die size). In fact, it would make sense to drop cache
> > from dies, and go for embedded memory instead, which also removes lots of
> > other overhead, such as branch prediction and pipelining, plus allows to
> > go to very broad on-die buses and hence naturally foster VLIW and SIMD.
> >
> That statement makes me curious. Do you mean embedded memory
> on chip or what? If it's on chip, how is it any better than cache?
> If not on chip, elaborate please on what you're describing.
> I'd like to see a P4 with a GB or so of memory all on the chip.
> Would make an interesting node for what I do.
> Wes
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