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bvds at bvds.geneva.edu bvds at bvds.geneva.edu
Tue Mar 5 13:56:33 PST 2002

I suppose this question is good material for a FAQ...

I am now working on a specification for an 8 node cluster using 
what everyone else seems to be using these days:  dual AMD CPU's, 
and Tyan Tiger 2460 motherboards.   I am pretty set on the configuration 
of the nodes, but I am curious what other people (e.g. Frank Joerdens, 
Luc Renambot) are using for communication in similar configurations.  
(And why)

For the applications I am interested in, communication speed and
latency is important but I cannot afford SCI (Dolphin) or Myranet.  
I believe that this limits my choice to some sort of gigabit ethernet
with a switch.  (I was looking at the D-Link 8 port gigabit ethernet
switch DGS-1008T and D-Link DGE-550T network cards.)

Brett van de Sande
Geneva College

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