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(slightly off topic)

      FWIW, I just published an article in the January edition of
LinuxJournal titled "The Basics of Booting Linux Remotely".  It discusses
both pxe and etherboot, but only talks about NFS mounted remote root file
systems.  I originally explained several methods of providing the root FS,
but had to edit due to space considerations.  If you're interested in
writing for LJ, off their main web site they have a site devoted to
upcoming issues and articles that they're soliciting.  Rich

Richard Ferri
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I finally finished writing up an article about my technique for
booting diskless nodes:


This technique differs from the most commonly used ones in two
important respects: I use a PXE boot-BIOS NIC (instead of etherboot)
and I use a RAM disk for the root filesystem (instead of NFS).

I'm in contact with the maintainers of the Diskless-HOWTO; it looks
like some of this will be included in chapters there.  I'm also trying
to see if I can get it published in the Linux Journal.

Any feedback about the article would be appreciated.



Charles M. "Chip" Coldwell
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