Experienced newbee - recomendations for kernel, diskless config and other Q's?

Sean Dilda agrajag at scyld.com
Mon Jun 4 07:50:33 PDT 2001

On Mon, 04 Jun 2001, d.bussenschutt at mailbox.gu.edu.au wrote:

> What is the RPM called "beowulf-2.0-preview" that is on the redhat 7.0 
> media then?  Is it Scyld?  (also Is there an Australian distributor of 
> Scyld?)

What media are you using exactly?  I've checked all my Red Hat Linux 7.0
media and haven't been able to find that rpm.  However, last year Scyld
did make a release that we called the Beowulf 2.0 Preview.  Maybe you
actually have that cd and not a Red Hat Linux 7.0 CD.

There is no Australian distributor of Scyld, however you can still order
directly from us.
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