Experienced newbee - recomendations for kernel, diskless config and other Q's?

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Sun Jun 3 19:08:00 PDT 2001

What is the RPM called "beowulf-2.0-preview" that is on the redhat 7.0 
media then?  Is it Scyld?  (also Is there an Australian distributor of 


Red Hat Linux really doesn't include Beowulf support.  Red Hat once put
out a CD called 'Extreme Linux' that was Red Hat Linux 5.0 plus some
Beowulf stuff.

However, we currently ship a product called Scyld Beowulf.  It is based
off of Red Hat Linux with additions that make it great for setting up a
Beowulf cluster.  It will allow th ehead node to install out of the box.
Setting up a slave node for our cluster can be as easy as just sticking
a floppy disk in (and it will just use a ramdisk), or if you want to
actually setup swap and some harddrive space (like /tmp), can take as
long as 5 minutes.  Our latest release is based off of Red Hat Linux 6.2
with a 2.2.17 kernel.  However, newer releases are always in the works.

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