Scyld and Red Hat 7

Gerry Creager gerry at
Wed Jan 31 15:42:14 PST 2001

Ken wrote:
> Martin Siegert wrote:
> > 2. with respect to hardware support: most of that comes with the kernel,
> >    particularly everything that is loaded as modules (e.g., and NIC drivers).
> >    Hence, upgrading to a 2.4 kernel probably gets you better hardware
> >    support than upgrading to RH 7.0.
> >
> I can agree with you in that since I upgraded to RH7 I've decided to use
> Mandrake instead. ;-)
> The original questions was about baseing the next release of Scyld in
> RH7.  It is hard to upgrade a distro that doesn't load in the first
> place.  If upgrading the kernel is enough, then that's fine.  I can
> think of plenty of reasons to keep the distro as simple and functional
> as possible.

While my experiences with Mandrake have generally been horror stories,
my experiences with RH7 have been disasters of truly epic proportion. 
I've just about got RH7 tamed... as long as I don't mount my CDROM and
use tcp/ip at the same time... and NO! I'm not kidding.

I've stuck to RH6.2 for production.  
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