[Fwd: IP: Fact Sheet on Export Controls on High Performance Computers]

Greg Lindahl glindahl at hpti.com
Fri Jan 12 08:41:57 PST 2001

> I would love it if someone who is knowledgeable in this area could build a
> description of what software IS and IS NOT export controlled.

I must say I'm not knowledgeable in this area, but it is my impression that
it's an extremely specific set of software, and you don't have to ask
yourself "is this new system software I just wrote export controlled because
you might be able to use it to build a Beowulf and design nuclear missiles?"

For example, for my master's thesis I wrote a freely-available hydrodynamics
code which could, with extensive modifications, be converted from simulating
supernovae to simulating nuclear weapons. Not export controlled. If, on the
other hand, I worked at one of the national labs as a weapon designer...

-- g

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