[Fwd: IP: Fact Sheet on Export Controls on High Performance Computers]

Walter B. Ligon III walt at parl.ces.clemson.edu
Fri Jan 12 08:49:02 PST 2001


I would love it if someone who is knowledgeable in this area could build a
description of what software IS and IS NOT export controlled.  I've looked
at the actual wording of the regulations, and like most legalese, I can't
make heads or tails of it.  The problem is there are lots of folks out there
trying to interpret that stuff, and all of them have different interpretations,
mostly based on not knowing much about computer software.

It seems like this is an issue that comes up often enough on this list that
there should be an FAQ entry or separate document that covers this - maybe
posted at BU.

Anyone out there up on this stuff that would like to take on the challenge?


Dr. Walter B. Ligon III
Associate Professor
ECE Department
Clemson University

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