Sun Grid Software

Peter Koenig Peter.Koenig at
Wed Feb 28 12:27:42 PST 2001

Yusseri Yusoff wrote:

> Yah, we have it here. It's DQS with bells and whistles on. And nice it is
> too. The GUI still says Codine and everything still works just like DQS,
> more or less. I haven't had the chance to try it out with an mpi prog yet
> but I'd imagine it'd just be the same as DQS.

We have considered using Sun gridware in place of DQS in our new
cluster. At the same time we are planning to integrate
non-linux/non-intel platforms into our scheduling system for some
specific applications. Since Gridware has not yet been released for
those platforms, I wondered whether Gridware interoperates with DQS,
i.e. can the queuemaster (Gridware) assign jobs to DQS nodes ?

Has anybody verified this or have experience with integrating DQS into
codine cells, since gridware basically seems to be codine ?


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