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Mike Mettke mettke at
Wed Feb 28 05:19:13 PST 2001


we got it here. Some remarks:

1. The manual tends to be on the unreadable side.
     I wish they had a little reference sheet to hand out to the user.
     The manual assumes that you pretty familiar with cluster computing .....

2. The cod_commd needs periodic  restarting, that is, we have a cron job running which kills  an unresponsive
cod_commd and restarts it.

3. Support for classes of queues would be nice.

Other than that, we had some fairly dramatic success in bringing cluster power to some folks who think Windows is
fully capable OS.

hope this helps,

Yusseri Yusoff wrote:

> On Tue, 27 Feb 2001, Scott Shealy wrote:
> > Just wanted to see if anyone out there wanted to chime in on Sun's Gridware
> > software(I think they acquired CODINE)...  It is a resource/batch scheduler.
> > I have read some of the docs and it seems to even support parallel(like mpi)
> > jobs.  Currently it runs on Solaris(of course) and Linux. They are claiming
> > that they are going to distribute if for free and that they are going to
> > open source it in the first half of 2001 one with a "suitable open source
> > license"(thats a can of worms). If you want to chime in with some
> > experience, intuition, or opinion ... that would be great.
> >
> Yah, we have it here. It's DQS with bells and whistles on. And nice it is
> too. The GUI still says Codine and everything still works just like DQS,
> more or less. I haven't had the chance to try it out with an mpi prog yet
> but I'd imagine it'd just be the same as DQS.
> Yusseri
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