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Thu Feb 22 12:38:36 PST 2001

On Thu, 22 Feb 2001 kragen at pobox.com wrote:

> Greg Lindahl <lindahl at conservativecomputer.com> writes:
> > The whole point of Beowulf clusters is that PC clusters are often way
> > cheaper to do the same work. And the programming thing is a religious
> > war; the opinion you give is often repeated by folks who like
> > designing shared memory machines, but all of the fastest machines in
> > the world use message-passing hardware.
> FWIW, the Tera MTA at SDSC is the fastest machine in the world on the
> integer sort benchmark and is close on some others, and it doesn't use
> message-passing hardware.

is that the big silly purple one on the north side that looks like a wave
breaking over the aisle?

> But the Tera^H^H^H^HCray MTA is sort of an anomaly --- it's the
> beginning of how all computers will work in a few years, but right
> now, there aren't any other computers that work like it.
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