kragen at pobox.com kragen at pobox.com
Thu Feb 22 12:06:57 PST 2001

Greg Lindahl <lindahl at conservativecomputer.com> writes:
> The whole point of Beowulf clusters is that PC clusters are often way
> cheaper to do the same work. And the programming thing is a religious
> war; the opinion you give is often repeated by folks who like
> designing shared memory machines, but all of the fastest machines in
> the world use message-passing hardware.

FWIW, the Tera MTA at SDSC is the fastest machine in the world on the
integer sort benchmark and is close on some others, and it doesn't use
message-passing hardware.

But the Tera^H^H^H^HCray MTA is sort of an anomaly --- it's the
beginning of how all computers will work in a few years, but right
now, there aren't any other computers that work like it.

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