2U or 3U rackmount cases for Pentium 4

Drew Hess dhess at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 20 21:41:20 PST 2001

Sorry, this is slightly off-topic, but I don't know
where else to turn.

I'm building a small Pentium 4 cluster.  Does anyone
know of a vendor who sells 2U or 3U rackmount cases
with 300W+ power supplies suitable for Pentium 4
motherboards?  P4 mboards have an "ATX12V" 4-pin
square power connector which delivers +12V directly to
the mboard in addition to the standard 20-pin ATXPWR
connector.  This is not the same connector as the 12V
flat 4-pin connector used to power hard drives and the
like; in addition to the different form factor, I
think those are +/- 12V, and the ATX12V connector is
+12V only, according to my ASUS P4T manual. 

I'm having a hard time finding any rackmount chassis
vendors who offer the new power supply (not
surprising, I'm sure there's not a whole lot of demand
for these yet).

thanks all

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