PBS/Scyld. Re: queue system on Scyld (Thomas Clausen)

Jag agrajag at linuxpower.org
Tue Feb 20 12:49:14 PST 2001

On Mon, 19 Feb 2001, Rick Niles wrote:

> Also, please understand that PBS will ONLY accept shell scripts as
> jobs and that the current Scyld Beowulf will not run shell scripts at
> all.  So you've got big trouble right off.  Dan Ridge and I are
> working up a method for running shell scripts on the nodes.  We still
> think running scripts on dumb nodes it's really "not the right
> thing".... but we understand that "the customer is always
> right"...right?

shell scripts are just nasty because to do much of anything useful you
have to start other processes, which just goes against the Scyld setup.
As an alternative, can PBS (note, i've never actually looked at PBS) be
setup to use another scripting language such as perl?  perl has the
advantage of most of its functionality being built into the interpreter,
which can be easily sent to another node by BProc, and as long as any
user binaries it calls are in /home, there shouldn't be a problem.

Python would also be a considerination, but it needs to dynamically
import some modules to have all of its core functionality.  Because of
this its only possible to move a python script after its done importing,
which can only be easily done with the BProc bindings and as far as I
know, PBS will want to move the program, instead of having the program
move itself.
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