PBS/Scyld. Re: queue system on Scyld (Thomas Clausen)

Rick Niles niles at scyld.com
Tue Feb 20 10:00:39 PST 2001

> Once this problem is resolved, will this be part of pbs or part of
> Scyld?

Well, the ability to run shell scripts will probably be released as a
general work-around, if we get it working in a reasonable way.

> Will you keep up with the pbs development and always provide latest
> updates?

We hope to have PBSPro to do most of the PBS work for Scyld Beowulf,
we'll see how that goes.

> Personally I dont think that is the right approach to modify all existing
> beowulf software available to work with one single system. 

I'd agree.  We don't plan on modifying any existing piece of Scyld Beowulf
to get this working.

> If the software is there, that's fine but what about all the other
> good stuff out there?  What if I use LSF? Or Codine which is freely
> available from sun and should be released as open source soon? What
> about DQS, NQS etc. etc.?

I agree again.  These changes should make everything easier to run.
Please don't get the impression that Scyld Beowulf will somehow be
tied to PBS.  That is not the case.

	Rick Niles.
	Scyld Computing Corporation

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