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"Robert G. Brown" wrote:

> On Sun, 11 Feb 2001, Greg Lindahl wrote:
> > Another manufacturer is, but again you have to buy
> > through a reseller. 3ware is very Linux friendly and provides a GPLed
> > driver. It *looks* like a SCSI disk in software, but you can do RAID
> > 0, 1, and 1+0. Performance approaches 100 MB/s. But the best part is
> > that the expensive 8-disk unit is only $400 for the card.
> I put this (and the other suggestions I received) on the brahma page:
> I'm sure that there are more "interesting" solutions like this out there
> -- I'd suggest a few quiet minutes with a web browser if you are in the
> market for big, cheap, fast storage.  It sounds like one can find
> anything from hardware-supported mirroring to hot swap drive arrays
> built on top of cheap (but currently very fast) UDMA disks.

I know this is kind of like adding fuel to the fire, but...
We are testing or will be testing two new pieces of hardware
(at least new for us). This first is from ARCO (
We bought something called DupliDisk II - Raidcase. It is a two
bay external case that contains two removeable drive bays with
keys. The case allows you to mirror drives. If one fails, you turn
the key, power down the drive, pull it out, put in a new one, and
it rebuilds in the background.

The second item is something I'm sure everyone has seen in the
Linux magazines. It's an OpenNAS box from Raidzone
( We've got three 1 Terabyte NAS boxes
that we are using for archival storage. The best part is that these
boxes run Linux! Even better is the price - $21k for 1 Tera. So far,
we've been very happy with them.

Anyway, my two bits.

Jeff Layton


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