VP6 + 3c905 -- any working machines?

Steffen Persvold sp at scali.no
Thu Feb 15 11:28:29 PST 2001

William Park wrote:
> This is not related to Beowulf specifically.  But, I'm trying to put
> together 8-cpu Linux cluster, and need some basic insight to ethernet
> card problem.
> Does anyone have working ABit VP6 motherboard with 3Com905 ethernet
> card?  If so, how did you get them to work?
> Background:
>     I have 2 VP6 machines with 3c905 ethernet card (3c905B in one,
>     3c905C in the other).  Each machine can ping itself, but not each
>     other.  I think packet is going out, since LED on ethernet switch
>     (5-port SmartLink) is blinking.
>     It's not cable problem, since cross-wired cable makes no difference.
>     'ifconfig' and 'route' are all normal.  '3c59x.o' driver is built
>     into the kernel.  I've tried 2.2.16 and 2.2.18 kernel with same
>     silent result.
> ---William Park, Open Geometry Consulting

On the VIA chipset there is an option called 'Delayed Transaction'. This option
causes some network adapter not to work correctly. I have seen this on some
Athlon boards using KT133 or KX133 chipset, but I think this might be the case
on the Apllo chipset for PIII too. Take a look in your bios for a possibility
to turn it off.

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