VP6 + 3c905 -- any working machines?

William Park parkw at better.net
Thu Feb 15 11:00:00 PST 2001

This is not related to Beowulf specifically.  But, I'm trying to put
together 8-cpu Linux cluster, and need some basic insight to ethernet
card problem.

Does anyone have working ABit VP6 motherboard with 3Com905 ethernet
card?  If so, how did you get them to work?


    I have 2 VP6 machines with 3c905 ethernet card (3c905B in one,
    3c905C in the other).  Each machine can ping itself, but not each
    other.  I think packet is going out, since LED on ethernet switch
    (5-port SmartLink) is blinking.

    It's not cable problem, since cross-wired cable makes no difference.
    'ifconfig' and 'route' are all normal.  '3c59x.o' driver is built
    into the kernel.  I've tried 2.2.16 and 2.2.18 kernel with same
    silent result.

---William Park, Open Geometry Consulting

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