CFD parallel processing references

Bill Rankin billran at
Thu Feb 15 06:52:33 PST 2001

> G'Day !
> I'm building my cluster for grad school work in CFD for Naval 
> Architecture.  Does anyone have any good references or code 
> examples ? The 
> searches I have done on the web have had very limited success, mostly 
> proprietary software.

A Google search on "Gavin Pringle CFD" seems to bring up some useful
links (Dr. Pringle did some interesting work in multipole-based N-body
codes for CFD that tied in to my work in electrostatics).

Have you looked at the Edinburgh Center pages?  Specifically:

HPCI Seminar in Simulation of Fluid Flow on Parallel Machines

> Sorry if this is not directly related to Beowulfs ...

The implementation of good distributed algorithms is almost always 
topical :-)

> Sailboat racing is not a matter of life and death ....  It is 
> far more important than that !!!

"A racing start is like a dozen marketing managers with PMS,
 all competing for the same on-ramp."


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