An IT Research and Development center

Rich Keske rkeske at
Wed Feb 7 20:06:22 PST 2001

I could be interested


> "Schilling, Richard" wrote:
> I have recently been given cause to research the feasibility of
> opening up an advanced technology research center, and I'm wondering
> if any of you or your organizations would be interested in using one
> if it were available.
> The goal of the center would be to host a place where organizations,
> researchers, and students could go to get their hands on systems that
> might not be otherwise available.  This would include:
>      virtual reality
>      simulators, static and full-motion
>      beowulf clusters
>      geographic information systems
> The list is not finalized, but one aim would be to open the center to
> as many disciplines as possible.  The center would also aim to host
> conferences, and provide educational programs, such as an after school
> technology program for youths.
> So far, it looks like if the participants are willing to share the
> costs, it could be an affordable resource.
> Thanks for considering  . . .
> Richard Schilling
> Webmaster / Web Integration Programmer
> Affiliated Health Services
> Mount Vernon, WA USA
> phone 01 360 856 7129

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