fwd: Re: Supermicro LE vs HE-SL chipsets

Bill Broadley bill at math.ucdavis.edu
Wed Feb 7 18:45:08 PST 2001

Just figured I'd mention.  The HE-SL apparently has 2 64 bit memory
busses, unfortunately both cpu's are on a shared 133 Mhz FSB, so the
second memory bus helps minimally.  I would expect a slight improvement
since you can have more pages open.  Hopefully AMD will bring out
LDT + SMP this year so shared FSB's will be thing of th past.

It seems like a fast cluster/interconnect card that does DMA
to main memory might enjoy significantly better bandwidth since
the 1.0 GB/sec peak FSB and 528 MB/sec peak PCI would be sharing
a 2.0 GB/sec memory system.

Of course the real proof would be someone comparing a dual memory
bus system with a single memory bus system with whatever the
fastest DMA pci card they can find.

Please post results if your so lucky, I found the Tyan HESL for $697
on www.pricewatch.com (not a vendor, but a price search engine).

Bill Broadley
50% Dept of Mathematics
50% Institute of Theoretical Dynamics
University of California, Davis

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