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Tue Aug 28 14:00:49 PDT 2001

Herbert Fruchtl wrote:

> > The problem resided both in the kernel and standard libraries, so either
> > updating glibc *or* updating the kernel won't solve the problem.
> >
> > However, newer distributions such as RedHat 7.1 have both glibc and kernel
> > updated so that this is no longer a problem.
> If you use gcc, you need the flags
> Doesn't work for g77 (as of gcc 2.96). Does anybody know if this is solved
> in gcc 3.0, and if 3.0 is already stable and efficient enough to be used
> for serious applications?

It is solved in the (upcoming) 3.1 version.  Unfortunately, the
implementation as of now breaks on too many non-Linux OS's (including,
but not necessarily limited to: *BSD, Solaris, HP-UX) to port it (back)
to the 3.0 branch.

Of course, if you take a snapshot off the CVS trunk of GCC (i.e., that
what will become 3.1 in time) you're on your own (voids your warranty
and all that).  That said, it might be useful to try to see if it really
works for you.

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