mpich 'make testing'

Rusty Lusk lusk at
Wed Aug 29 07:38:56 PDT 2001

| I've compiled mpich-1.2.1 with the Portland Group compiler and I'm getting the error below.  I had installed NPB and had been testing it (works fine with 1 process) and had been getting the same problem when I ran any test with multiple processes, so I went back and started testing my mpich installation and found this problem.  I've seen a few people reporting problems with casting integers when compiling this with GNU cc, but no specific fixes to the problem. 
| Help? :)

You might start by getting the latest release of MPICH, which is 1.2.2.  If
you still have problems, please send them to mpi-bugs at  Thanks.

Rusty Lusk

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