Which Switch?

Franz Marini marini at pcmenelao.mi.infn.it
Sun Aug 19 23:32:05 PDT 2001

On Sat, 18 Aug 2001, Diego Julian Remolina wrote:

> 1.  3com Superstack 3 25 Ports Switch. 24 ports are 10/100 and 1 Port is 1000 cooper.  I plan to get two of these so that I have more than 24 ports.

Well, it depends on which model of SS III ...
We are using a SS II 3300XM coupled with a III 3300XM, and they work
Plus, they can be managed via www. You can check bandwidth utilization,
errors, and all the configs both for a single port and for the all switch,
from a simple web interface.

Btw, we have a 1 server + 21 nodes beo, with NFS mounted users dir from
the server and PVFS between the nodes. We are running Monte-Carlo, fft and
home made protein folding cod (primarily, but we also sometimes "test the
cluster" :) with mpi-POVRay...) and we can go up to all the 22 nodes
almost without problems.

Hope this helps,

Franz Marini

Franz Marini
Sys Admin and Software Analyst,
Dept. of Physics, University of Milan, Italy.
email : marini at pcmenelao.mi.infn.it

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