Memory type? (ECC vs non-ECC) - memory testing

Thomas R Boehme mail at
Fri Aug 17 16:13:03 PDT 2001

> i think that the scope of the question for "how certain you are of the
> results of the computation" is beyond the scope of memory and should also
> include cpu, disks, io, motherboard, cables, programs, etc..etc..
That is correct. Like I said, our problems were heat related and not a
memory problem. 

> -- when was the last time you had a memory failure compared to
>    other things that needed fixing...
> 	- power cable, programming bugs, disk cabling, etc..etc..

Well I don't know - without ECC I have no way of telling when I had the last
memory failure. And with all the bad cheap memory chips out there, I would
prefer knowing it. That's why ECC makes sense.

Sure, it is not the only source. And I do agree that programming bugs are
probably the biggest problem that can't really be fixed. 
I know my codes have numerous bugs -- I just don't know where :-)

Bye, Thommy

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