Memory type? (ECC vs non-ECC) - memory testing

alvin at alvin at
Fri Aug 17 15:45:53 PDT 2001

hi ya

memory testors...

-- other test tools

On Fri, 17 Aug 2001, Thomas R Boehme wrote:

> I would recommend ECC. Even if you can afford a machine crashing, what if it
> it doesn't crash and just affect some of your data? How do you know if those
> simulations you run did run correctly? Can you afford getting the wrong
> results?

i think that the scope of the question for "how certain you are of the
results of the computation" is beyond the scope of memory and should also
include cpu, disks, io, motherboard, cables, programs, etc..etc..

-- when was the last time you had a memory failure compared to 
   other things that needed fixing...
	- power cable, programming bugs, disk cabling, etc..etc..

c ya

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