Anyone use Alpha 500a to form a beowulf cluster ?

Ron Chen ron_chen_123 at
Wed Aug 15 18:14:48 PDT 2001

What problems did you encounter?

There are many research labs using Alpha Linux for
their beowulf clusters. See:
(e.g. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Viscoelastic
Group at Universite' catholique de Louvain, Center for
Atomic-Scale Materials Physics)

The question is, what kind of jobs do you run?
If all you want is simple batch jobs, you don't even
need to modify the kernel, all you need is a batch
system, like PBS (Portable Batch System), or SGE (Sun
Grid Engine). The batch system will glue all the
machines together: when a machine is free, the daemons
of the batch system will dispatch a job to the
machine. So all the machine in your company can be
used at night for batch jobs while the users get their
machine back in the morning. (This is ideal for
simulations for EDA, DNA sequencing, etc)



Both PBS and SGE are free, opensource, and support
Alpha Linux.

If you want to run parallel jobs (like PVM or MPICH),
then you can also use the batch systems to schedule
the jobs. However, TCP/IP and Ethernet is not fast
enough for message passing, so you may need to install
SCORE and Myrinet.

Tell us want you need :-)


--- MICHAELCHEN <Yiping.Cheng at> wrote:
> Hi ! 
> I am in trouble .
> my HW : Alpha 500a 
> OS : RedHat 7.0
> MPI : MPICH 1.2.0
> Compiler : gcc ,  f77
> any body use this cnfiguration ?
> can you share the experience with me ?
> tks.
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