(Scyld Beowulf)All nodes up, but processes run on only one node?

Eric T. Miller emiller at techskills.com
Thu Aug 9 23:27:11 PDT 2001

Admitted newbie, two quick questions.  Cluster consists of 9 AMD K62/350's
running the demo version of Scyld

1. When I run the Mandelbrot renderer, only one of the nodes seems to be
processing a job, by the output of the BeoStatus.  The processor % and
network bandwidth % on the other two slaves remains unchanged during the
process?  If I run the process with only one node attached (regardless which
one), it will run fine on that node.  When I connect two or more slaves, it
still only registers using resources on one node (usually the last node I
brought up)?

2.What other programs do you all recommend to graphically display the
abilities of the cluster?  I have used the Mandelbrot set fractal renderer
that comes packaged with Scyld, are there some other good programs are
widely used to test the abilities of a cluster.  This cluster will be on
display, museum style, to demonstrate the capabilites of Linux, so a
graphical program would be nice, but command line programs would be good
too, as long as the output is interesting.


Eric Miller

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