Network Boot with 905C-TX

Albion Baucom baucom at darwin.UCSC.EDU
Tue Aug 7 13:55:11 PDT 2001

On Tue, 7 Aug 2001, Thomas R Boehme wrote:

> Well, there are different types of 3Com 905C-TXs. There is a -NM version,
> which doesn't have network boot and a -M version, which should have it.

My card does not say this, either on it or in the 3COM90XCFG
configuration program. Not sure which it is, though I do get a "boot from
network" toggle in the configuration program for the card.

> If it is the -M version, you should be able to tell your BIOS to boot from
> network first. That's all it needs, you don't have to set a master nodes
> address. Remote boot works through DHCP. The client will send out a DHCP
> request and your DHCP server (if configured correctly) will send out a DHCP
> offer along with the name and location of the network boot images.

I have tried to set in the motherboard bios AND nic bios to boot from LAN.
No Go. Nothing. I get the "No system disk found" error when I try boot
from LAN and no prompts for configurating the cards network settings.

Maybe I just dont have net bootable cards. Kind of strange since I get
those options in the 3Com configuration program.

> For more information on how to boot a Linux client over network, check out
> and look for PXELINUX.

Looks like my next option other than trying to make crappy boot-floppies.



Albion (frustrated)

Albion E. Baucom

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