Network Boot with 905C-TX

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On Tuesday 07 August 2001 04:24 pm, Thomas R Boehme wrote:
> If it is the -M version, you should be able to tell your BIOS to boot from
> network first. That's all it needs, you don't have to set a master nodes
> address. Remote boot works through DHCP. The client will send out a DHCP
> request and your DHCP server (if configured correctly) will send out a DHCP
> offer along with the name and location of the network boot images.
> For more information on how to boot a Linux client over network, check out
> and look for PXELINUX.

You will have to create an image for 3Com MBA. (managed boot agent, whatever 

First you use netboot mknbi-linux to create a linux boot image, and then use 
imggen utility to add MBA stuff to it.

Thereafter you'll only have to set your BOOTP or DHCP configuration to check 
that as your boot image, and of course you'll have to put it in your tftp 
server. And then you can do diskless boot with 3COM 905C MBA. I never got the 
dhcp server to pass the parameters I wanted though so I use BOOTP. This is 
quite a user friendly process. :)


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