another problem! MPICH

Eric Linenberg elinenbe at
Fri Aug 3 16:58:59 PDT 2001

I am running MPICH and all the example program work fine and all the tes 
program work A-OK, but when I try and run LS-DYNA (why I am building this 
cluster) I get errors like this:

[root at kitkat lstc]# ./mpirun -np 4  mpp960
Permission denied.

and then I kill it, and I get this:

p0_22073:  p4_error: interrupt SIGINT: 2
bm_list_22074:  p4_error: interrupt SIGINT: 2
./mpirun: line 1: 22073 Broken pipe             /usr/local/lstc/mpp960 -p4pg 
/usr/local/lstc/PI21941 -p4wd /usr/local/lstc
[root at kitkat lstc]#

when I run it with -v I get this:

[root at kitkat lstc]# ./mpirun -v -np 4  mpp960
running /usr/local/lstc/mpp960 on 4 LINUX ch_p4 processors
Created /usr/local/lstc/PI22080
Permission denied.

and it looks the same when I kill it.

Remember all the exampl program cruise!  Thanks for the help (again)


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