multiple ethernet ports, random order

alvin at alvin at
Fri Aug 3 13:50:48 PDT 2001

hi ya sam...


my comments apply to intel motherboards..specificailly
ca810eal and D815...

and others in the eepro list also seem to have similar
counting sequence...

and i've not used any 64bit slot motherboards...

c ya

On Fri, 3 Aug 2001, Sam Pottle wrote:

> Alvin writes:
> > if you plug in two pci-based nics...
> > the one furthest from the atx connectors is eth0
> > and eth1 is the other pci nic...
> > and onboard nic is eth2
> This is not true in general.  For example, our cluster headnode is
> based on the Tyan Thunder HEsl motherboard, which has 6 64-bit PCI slots.
> Slots #4 and #5 (counting outward from the AGP slot) are 66 MHz; the others
> are 33 MHz.  Nonetheless, the 66 MHz slots are first in line when it comes
> to getting their network hardware labelled.  I believe, though I'm not
> certain about this, that the 33 MHz slots are taken in the reverse order
> from that suggested above -- starting at the AGP slot end, rather than from
> the edge of the board.
> Chris, which actual orderings of devices have you seen?  Is it a question
> of whether the onboard port gets labelled first (eth0 vs. eth2), or a 
> question of ordering within the dual NIC, or both?  [If the onboard port
> is ever eth1, I don't want to know about it. :-)]

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