multiple ethernet ports, random order

Sam Pottle pottle at
Fri Aug 3 13:18:07 PDT 2001

Alvin writes:

> if you plug in two pci-based nics...
> the one furthest from the atx connectors is eth0
> and eth1 is the other pci nic...
> and onboard nic is eth2

This is not true in general.  For example, our cluster headnode is
based on the Tyan Thunder HEsl motherboard, which has 6 64-bit PCI slots.
Slots #4 and #5 (counting outward from the AGP slot) are 66 MHz; the others
are 33 MHz.  Nonetheless, the 66 MHz slots are first in line when it comes
to getting their network hardware labelled.  I believe, though I'm not
certain about this, that the 33 MHz slots are taken in the reverse order
from that suggested above -- starting at the AGP slot end, rather than from
the edge of the board.

Chris, which actual orderings of devices have you seen?  Is it a question
of whether the onboard port gets labelled first (eth0 vs. eth2), or a 
question of ordering within the dual NIC, or both?  [If the onboard port
is ever eth1, I don't want to know about it. :-)]

					Sam Pottle

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