Neighbour Table Oveflow

Scott Shealy sshealy at
Tue Apr 24 06:27:19 PDT 2001

I am kickstarting(RH7.0) and somtimes right after the box gets its IP via
DHCP and then proceeds to mount the Redhat directory via NFS it fails and I
get the kernel message

Neighbour Table Overflow...

What is this? and any idea why I am getting this? I know this has to do with
the networking subsystem b/c I found the message in the source.  I am using
NetGear FA310 cards which use the Tulip driver. On the NFS server I am
running nfs-utils-0.3.1 from the sourceforge NFS project on the server.
There are no messages in the server log indicating any error.  It has a
kingston network card..

Any insight are appreciated

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