netgear gigabit tuning

Jes Sorensen jes at
Mon Apr 16 14:14:57 PDT 2001


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>>>>> "Chris" == Chris Black <cblack at> writes:

Chris> On Mon, Apr 16, 2001 at 10:47:15PM +0200, Jes Sorensen wrote:
>>  I'd be highly surprised if the NetGear switch supports Jumbo frames,
>> hence the transfer problem.
Chris> But shouldn't I be able to use a slightly larger mtu? What should
Chris> I set the mtu at?

Most Ethernet switches only support the default MTU size.

>> What kinda of application are you using on what kinda hardware?
Chris> Using pftp <> to do file transfer on large files (30GB
Chris> files).  But the results I got were from a bandwidth test that
Chris> pftp offers.  Any suggestions on network tuning?

pftp is likely to be a bad benchmark unless it does in fact set proper
socket buffers and does large write()'s. Admittedly I don't know pftp
well, but anything that has the word 'ftp' in it's name gives me bad


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