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Richard C Ferri rcferri at
Wed Apr 4 10:19:38 PDT 2001

     There are two good solutions that I am aware of to clone nodes in a
beowulf cluster.   If all your nodes are basically identical (except for IP
information, and the size of the harddrive) you should look at
Systemimager, an open source project sponsored by VA Linux:           If your nodes
differ significantly, look at LUI, an open source project sponsored by IBM,
at        There are mailing lists
associated with both projects  to help you in your time of need... Rich

Richard Ferri
IBM Linux Technology Center
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Luca Frediani <luca at> on 04/04/2001
02:05:52 PM

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Subject:  Node cloning

I am currently setting up a beowulf cluster and now I am trying to clone
the nodes of my cluster. I succeded to install the bootp on the wordly
node and to compile a kernel with nfsroot capabilities for the client.
The clone root file system is set as stated in the book "How to build a
beowulf - A guide to the implementation and application of PC clusters"
(authors: Sterling, Salmon, Becker, Savarese  Ed. MIT Press).

Now my goal is to set up an init process that partition the local hard
drive and put the partition images on it. I did not find anything useful
about it. Can anyone tell me how to do it or where can I find useful

Thank You

Luca Frediani

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