Node cloning

Luca Frediani luca at
Wed Apr 4 11:05:52 PDT 2001

I am currently setting up a beowulf cluster and now I am trying to clone
the nodes of my cluster. I succeded to install the bootp on the wordly
node and to compile a kernel with nfsroot capabilities for the client.
The clone root file system is set as stated in the book "How to build a
beowulf - A guide to the implementation and application of PC clusters"
(authors: Sterling, Salmon, Becker, Savarese  Ed. MIT Press).

Now my goal is to set up an init process that partition the local hard
drive and put the partition images on it. I did not find anything useful
about it. Can anyone tell me how to do it or where can I find useful

Thank You

Luca Frediani

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