rebooting 370DLE

Josip Loncaric josip at
Wed Apr 4 06:48:51 PDT 2001

"Michael T. Prinkey" wrote:
> I assembled several systems using the 370DLE sometime ago.  The only
> solution was to downgrade to some 1.1 BIOS release that I found on their
> ftp server.  Eventually, I ended up putting a PCI video card in each of
> the systems to avoid the BIOS downgrade and reintroducing whatever bugs
> the newer BIOS had fixed.

We also had to downgrade the 370DLE BIOS to R1.1 because the newer BIOS
file 3L3C122.ROM (1/4/2001) leads to halt on reboot.  The machines would
go down normally, then lock up instead of rebooting, and we had to press
the "reset" buttons on every reboot.  This was unacceptable, so we went
back to BIOS R1.1 which reboots normally without manual intervention and
does not cause other problems for us.

BTW, we also use cheap PCI video cards in our 370DLE systems.  


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