Problems with mpirun and mpprun

bangalore r guruprakash bgurup01 at
Sun Apr 1 17:54:12 PDT 2001


I am quite new to linux and i might have made a mistake some where. I
recently setup a scyld beowulf cluster. My intention here was to install
mpprun and to upgrade the mpirun that i currently have on my system.

The following are some of the files currently on my system (to give you an
idea about the versions):
  Redhat 6.2                  kernelversion 2.2
  beompi 1.0.7                vmlinuz-2.2.16-21.beosmp            vmlinuz-2.2.16-21.beo

I didnot have mpprun and so i tried to install it by downloading the rpm

i downloaded the follwing rpms :

and ran the 'rpm -Uvh *' command.

And trouble started (sigh).

Before rebooting the master and the slaves:
 * i could not run commands like bpctl
 * the error message i got was 'node_state' not defined.

After rebooting the slaves:
 * the nodes, at phase 3, went into unavailable state and could not start
the node_up script.
(Last line displayed by the slaves 'bpslave: IO daemon started; pid=16')

After rebooting the master:
 * both mpirun and mpprun fail to run.

Please suggest me what to do and why this happened.
I would really appretiate a quick answer as i am working against a very
tight deadline.



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