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Sun Apr 1 16:06:15 PDT 2001


I'm fully aware of the Beowulf epic, having read several translations, 
associated literature, and films.  However, I do thank all of you for taking 
a stab at Why? "Beowulf" and not "Thor", "Superman", "THX", etc.  One of the 
quotes does clarify the name of D. Becker and Company's new venture "Scyld", 
but I am interested in why call a cluster of PCs "Beowulf".  I think the 
slaying Grendel by calling together the united forces of individual warriors 
is significant, but maybe Don Becker and crew can answer this one.  Thanks 
for the creative help.

Thank you,

Wesley Wells
Georgia Southern Beowulf Cluster
Systems Manager
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