MPICH for UP1000

Larry Lesser larry at
Tue Sep 26 21:56:49 PDT 2000

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong in trying to install MPICH 1.2.1 
on an Alpha UP1000.

  I configure -device=ch_p4 -arch=alpha.  This goes fine. Then when I do 
the make, it seems be doing fine and then when it gets to the 
/usr/local/mpich-1.2./bin/mpicc ....-c ad_fstype.c, I get
ad_fstype.c In function 'ADIO_Filesystype",
then 50-75 lines of ac_fstype.c:76: structure has no member named 'f_basetype"
make[4]: *** [ad_fstype.o] Error 1
Make failed in directory adio/common
make [3]: xxx [mpilib] error 1
make [2]: xxx [mpio] Error 2
make [1]: xxx [mpi-modules] Error 2
make: xxx [mpi] error 2

and then dies.  We install mpich on Intel cpus without any problems.

Any ideas?


Larry Lesser

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